Vision and values

Besom Vision: 

Unlocking God’s purpose in you, through meeting the needs of others

  • The Besom helps people make a difference

  • It provides a bridge between those who want to give money, time, skills or things, and those in need

  • It ensures that what is given is used effectively

  • The service it provides is free

Besom Mission:

To grow an authentic, prayerful, and worshipping networked community of faith-filled believers. We walk side-by-side with you, on your journey with the Jesus we see in the gospels, to pray, love, give and go to those in need. By bridging the gap toward those in need, we connect and then immerse you in opportunities that enable ordinary, practical, generous actions to demonstrate God’s miraculous provision, bring hope, reveal and transform faith. 

  • The Lord’s standard of righteousness for His people is directly linked to their relationships with the poorest.

  • This is because He is full of compassion for the poor.

  • When we bless those in need and those marginalised in society, with ourselves and what we have been given by God to steward, we identify with Jesus and with His character.

  • Besom equips and enthuses followers of Jesus to give what we have to those around us who are in need.

  • Those giving grow in compassion, that God has, for the world while God transforms us from the side out

Calling: All local Besom Trustees and Core Teams will desire to: 

  1. Remove barriers so followers of Jesus can discover and respond to God’s call to help those in need 

  2. Inspire followers of Jesus to put God’s Word into action; to respond out of love, not duty 

  3. Equip and resource those who want to give effectively through practical, generous actions 

  4. Be the bridge, connecting followers of Jesus to those in need in their community 

  5. Encourage one another to prayerfully depend on God for everything Encounter God’s heart for those in need and His incredible provision through specific matching prayer 

  6. Surrender increasingly to the Holy Spirit’s leading and transformation. Create space for worship, investing in each other, and pursuing a journey of deepening faith 

  7. Witness that all Besom is and does is for God’s fame, presenting visible and tangible proof that God delights to hear and answer specific prayer

Essence: The ‘bottom line, character’ for every Besom’s outcome 

  1. Besom’s primary focus is tailored toward enabling followers of Jesus to effectively serve those in need 

  2. Besom unlocks your response, “Yes, send me”, by helping you consider your “How?” 

  3. Besom enables followers of Jesus to put God’s love into action by giving generously, creatively, and effectively to those in need 

  4. Besom provides the opportunity for the giver to know the impact of their giving Besom offers faith-changing experiences where people can be transformed 

  5. Besom seeks to demonstrate the reality and power of specific prayer Besom is an inspirational gift to the Church, helping individuals discover more of their God-given purpose while being a witness of God’s love to wider society Besom shares authentic stories of God’s faithful leading in order to inspire, challenge, to give Him glory and be accountable to others 

  6. We are a community committed to fostering a national network of interdependent Besoms, founded on worshipful prayer, love, and relationship

Three main strands define the uniqueness of the Besom model:

  • The Besom is a service for those who have.

    • The result of a well-functioning 'bridge' is that the poorest are blessed, yet our focus is not primarily on the poor, but on those on the other side of the bridge who have things to give.

    • Besom enables effective and involved giving, where the giver of time, money, skills or things can see the difference that their giving makes.

    • Besom emphasises creative freedom on the part of the giver, allowing them to engage in a way that is entirely appropriate to their situation and individual calling.


  • The Besom is a lay-led faith ministry.

    • Every Christian has been called by God to go into the world with His power and compassion

    • To go does not require professional leadership ability or qualification in advance, just equipping.

    • Besom's focus is to equip believers to serve from the grassroots, facilitating your response to biblical teaching.


  • The Besom is a relational service.

    • Every stage of the Besom process is characterised by real and meaningful relationships.

    • Relationships within a Besom team, between team members and givers, team members and professional partners or givers and recipients

    • At every stage of the process, Besom seeks to demonstrate Christ through our interactions with one another.


Giving to the poor is a sacramental act - (Matt 25:40)

  • Giving to others is a fundamental part of an authentic relationship with Jesus - (Matt 6)

  • As we give to others, so we receive ourselves - (Luke 6:38)

  • Besom encourages involved giving out of love, and not out of a sense of duty - (1 Cor 13:3)

  • Besom helps followers of Jesus who want to give something. It does not ask people to ‘help out’ - (2 Cor 9:7)

  • The focus is on doing, more than talking - (1 John 3:18)

  • The service is high-quality and professional - (2 Cor 6:3)

  • The service is publicised by word of mouth, not advertising - (2 Cor 9:2)