Vision and values

The mission statement of The Besom can be summarised in four key points:

  • The Besom helps people make a difference

  • It provides a bridge between those who want to give money, time, skills or things, and those in need

  • It ensures that what is given is used effectively

  • The service it provides is free


Throughout the Bible, the Lord’s standard of righteousness for His people is directly linked to their relationships with the poorest amongst them. This is because He is full of compassion for the poor. When we bless the needy and marginalised with ourselves and what we have been given by Him to steward, we identify with the Lord and with His character, and He calls us friends. This is demonstrated from the start to the end of Biblical scripture.

The vision of the Besom ever since its foundation has been to be the bridge by which we as followers of Jesus are equipped and enthused to give what we have to those around us who are in need, and so to grow in the same compassion that God has for the world.


From this founding vision come three main strands which define the Besom model:

  • The Besom is a service for those who have. The result of a well-functioning bridge is that the poorest are blessed, yet our focus is not primarily on the poor, but on those on the other side of the bridge who have things to give. Besom enables effective and involved giving, where the giver of time, money, skills or things can see the difference that their giving makes. It also emphasises creative freedom on the part of the giver, allowing them to engage in a way that is entirely appropriate to their situation and individual calling.


  • The Besom is a lay-led faith ministry. It is our conviction that every member of the Body of Christ has been commissioned by the Lord to go into the world with His power and compassion, and that to do so does not require professional leadership ability or qualification in advance. Rather, our focus is in equipping believers to serve from the grassroots, developing a response to teaching coming from the front.


  • The Besom is a relational service. Every stage of the Besom process is characterised by real and meaningful relationships. Whether that be within a Besom team, between team members and givers, team members and professional partners or givers and recipients (to name just a few), at every stage of the process we are seeking to demonstrate Christ through our interactions with one another.


These three strands can then be extended to include the following points, which in just the same way are foundational in defining what Besom is and how Besoms operate. 


  • Giving to the poor is a sacramental act - (Matt 25:40)

  • Giving to others is a fundamental part of an authentic relationship with Jesus - (Matt 6)

  • As we give to others, so we receive ourselves - (Luke 6:38)

  • Besom encourages involved giving out of love, and not out of a sense of duty - (1 Cor 13:3)

  • Besom helps followers of Jesus who want to give something. It does not ask people to ‘help out’ - (2 Cor 9:7)

  • The focus is on doing, more than talking - (1 John 3:18)

  • The service is high-quality and professional - (2 Cor 6:3)

  • The service is publicised by word of mouth, not advertising - (2 Cor 9:2)

For over thirty years we have sought to work by these principles, and in doing so have seen many people grow in compassion for those in need, as well as many thousands of lives transformed through giving.