What We Do


The focus on the Besom is and always has been on those who have something to give, but are looking for a way to do so. Besom encourages involved giving out of a sense of love, as opposed to duty, and offers people the opportunity to think creatively about how they would like to give. To find out more about the ways you can give, click on the links below.

Give TIME We are all about giving at Besom!  Individuals or groups from local churches give their time to and through  their local Besom to those in need in their local area. 

Give THINGS Many Besoms pass on household furniture and items which you give. 

Give MONEY You can give money to your local Besom in order for them to buy items which local people need or you can help your local Besom with their costs.  Please contact your local Besom to discuss.

Give SKILLS If you have skills which you would like to offer your local Besom, please contact them!