Many of us have good quality things that we do not use or need, local Besoms provide a service that enables you to pass them on to people who really need them.


Those who are re-housed are often given homes with absolutely nothing in them.


People escaping domestic violence may have to leave all their possessions behind.


Through a network of contacts in social services, charities, refugees, and family centers, Besoms constantly hear about people living on the edge of daily existence.


With your help, we are able to match up the things given with the needs we hear about.

"I can't believe this, I am sitting here looking at all the stuff I got from these people, it is such good quality, just everything. When I was on the street and in a hostel I got real rags, I had to wash them first. But this is so different, it's the first time since I was 14 that I have had a winter coat. I wish it was winter all year round so I can wear it every single day. This has made me feel really special."

Besom Recipient

If you have good quality items you wish to give away, your local Besom would love to receive them. We can pass them on to vulnerable people who really need them. These include women escaping domestic violence, homeless people, refugees, families or individuals living in extreme poverty.