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Covid -19


Due to Government guidelines and that many Besom Time-Givers are in the upper age range, you may find your local Besom is only operating a limited service. The landscape has rapidly changed, but the needs in your community have escalated dramatically.


So do reach out to your nearest Besom to enquire of what they are currently able to undertake and how you could be part of the 'Besom Bridge' between those who want to give and those in your community who are in need.

'Lock-down' may be in place but Besom, across the country is still here, as we are able, with 30 years experience in being that bridge, enabling those who have to help those who need. 

We continue to prayerfully and practically do all we can, with the resources we have and are continually being given. Thank you all!



Watch this short film to find out more about Besom!


Being called to start your own Besom?

Please email us: info@besom.com

Diary Date: Besom Family Gathering, October 9th - 10th 2020 Surrey (More info to follow...)

There are over 20 Besoms throughout the country, but if you are feeling called to start a Besom in your own locality, we would love to hear from you! 



Often people who have seen the very real and immense needs within our society or experienced the joy of giving and of touching others' lives want to get more involved in a personal way. Many have decided to start Besoms in their own community.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to set up a Besom in your local area, call your nearest Besom.