The Besom in Wirral

The Besom in Wirral was started in 2010 . We operate across the Wirral and have connections with numerous churches around the Peninsula. We have a warehouse in Birkenhead and a storage space in Heswall.

Using our contacts with social services and charities, we provide a bridge between those who want to give and those who are in need. To date, we have arranged for church groups to clear and decorate the homes of single mums who would be unable to do such a project on their own, passed on good quality furniture to those who need it and provided opportunities for a specific group to do garden clearance and DIY projects on a regular basis.

We are always looking to hear from people who would like to get more involved and give their time to help those in need.


Give time as an individual

There are many ways you can give your time or skills individually (such as befriending, teaching a recipient how to cook or clean, read and write etc), just let us know what you would like to do and we will try to find something suitable. Alternatively you could help on our regular van trips, collecting and delivering good quality items of furniture and household goods. Again, let us know when you are able to go out on the van and we will organise something for you.

Give time as a group

Groups can get involved by giving time and skills to painting, decorating, cleaning and gardening projects. They are a great way to serve others, offer help and get to know people better. We always have a range of potential projects and would love to hear from you if you would like to be involved.

Give things

If you have top quality furniture and/or household items, then feel free to give us a call and we will prayerfully try to find a suitable recipient. You would be amazed how often God surprises us by matching gifts to someone in need in a short time.

Gift packs

Besom in Wirral facilitates the giving of small packs of items which are aimed at helping those who have been recently rehoused, new mums, those with little/no food and/or those who've just moved into a hostel. To find out about the different packs, please contact us.


t: 0151 6400125

Ways to give

  • Give your time
  • Give your money
  • Give your skills
  • Give your things

Annual Besom Conference

We hold an annual conference for all those thinking about starting their own or who are interested in our work.  watch this space for details of our 2018 event!

Simplicity, Love & Justice

Simplicity, Love & Justice
- a ten week discussion course
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