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The Besom in Chepstow

started at the beginning of 2016. We aim to serve members and groups from churches in the Chepstow, Caldicot and district areas. We are part of the mission of Chepstow and District, and Caldicot Cytun (Churches Together). We would love to hear from other churches in the area who would like to get involved.

What we do

Besom is a bridge between those who want to give and those in need in our community. We exist to serve those who want to give and aim to facilitate their giving effectively. We connect with those in need through professionals such as Healthvisitors, Social Workers and charities. The Besom is a broom to sweep away suffering, and so every service is provided without charge.

How to get involved


is at the centre of what we do. We meet bi-weekly to pray for Besom and for our local community. We welcome anyone who would like to join us.


Groups, from churches, can get involved by giving time and skills to painting, decorating, cleaning and gardening projects. They are a great way to serve others, offer help and get to know people better. If you are interested, contact us (details below) and let us know what you would like to do and we will find something that suits your group.


We pray for a matching of givers with recipients - so feel free to offer skills and time as an individual, and we'll see what happens! The experience of Besoms across the country is that there is often a perfect match between the gifts that are given with the recipient’s need. Time could be given to a variety of different tasks from delivering ‘things’, to administration and prayer support.


We do not have any storage facility at present. We ask those who have items to give, to store them for us until we can match donors and recipients. We only accept the highest quality furniture, household Items and clothing, as we want to build up those who receive what is given. We only pass on the best quality to those who have little or no choice.


You can also give money through The Besom. Please specify what you want the money spent on and we will make sure it goes to where you have requested.


The Besom is run by givers who have other occupations, so we have no official office hours, but we aim to respond to messages within a week. If you feel you would like to get involved or if you work with those who would benefit from our help, we would love to hear from you.


Mob: 07563644860


Ways to give

  • Give your time
  • Give your money
  • Give your skills
  • Give your things

Annual Besom Conference

We hold an annual conference for all those thinking about starting their own or who are interested in our work.  watch this space for details of our 2018 event!

Simplicity, Love & Justice

Simplicity, Love & Justice
- a ten week discussion course
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