The Besom in Ashtead and Leatherhead

The Besom in Ashtead and Leatherhead was started in 2002.  We are a small core team and aim to serve members and groups from churches in Ashtead , Epsom, Leatherhead ,Fetcham and Oxshott.   We would love to hear from other churches in the area who would like to get involved

Who we are

Besom is a wonderful opportunity to put our faith into action in practical ways, expressing God’s compassion and love for those around us. We act as a bridge between people who want to help and local families and individuals who are struggling financially or simply because life has got on top of them. Run by a team of Christians, introductions come through our relationships with health professionals, charities and social workers. The aim behind The Besom is to provide a service to those who have and want to give, enabling them to meet local needs effectively.

How to get involved

We believe that anyone can take part in Besom, whether you are 8 or 108! The most important thing is a willingness to help. These are just some of the ways you can get involved, either on a one-off or regular basis:

  • Prayer is at the centre of what we do. The team meets every week to pray for Besom and for our local community and welcomes anyone who would like to join us.
  • Giving good quality items of furniture: something you would be happy to have in your own home, like a wardrobe we delivered to a single mum who didn’t have anywhere to put her clothes;
  • Decorating or gardening or tidying: Groups from local churches can get together to provide practical help of their choice to someone in need. The Besom will organise everything for you, from finding a suitable recipient, to arranging the necessary equipment and ensuring you know exactly what needs to get done in the time you want to give. A recent group transformed a children’s bedroom for a young family from peeling lining paper to freshly painted blue and yellow.
  • Special skills, like DIY, sewing or administration: one of our givers put up side-gate for a family so that the children could play in their garden without worrying about them wandering on to the road; another of our givers spent time with a young mum, showing her how to bake a cake.
  • We can also help you give your money – either through The Besom or to it.

How to contact us

If you would like to help, we would love to hear from you. Call us on 07904 679380 or e-mail us at and one of the team will get back to you.

Ways to give

  • Give your time
  • Give your money
  • Give your skills
  • Give your things

Annual Besom Conference

We hold an annual conference for all those thinking about starting their own or who are interested in our work.  watch this space for details of our 2018 event!

Simplicity, Love & Justice

Simplicity, Love & Justice
- a ten week discussion course
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