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Giving Time as a group

Besoms provide a wide variety of opportunities for people to reach out into the community and help others in practical ways. Members of churches can choose where, when and what they would like to do and their local Besom will find something that suits that group. Hundreds of members of local churches have already participated in projects. Recent projects include gardening for the sick and elderly and painting the homes of single parents, refugees and families living in shabby, run-down housing. Groups can also spend time helping at their local Besom warehouse.

Giving Time as an Individual

Besoms make it easy for people to give time in whatever way is best for them. Time-givers come from congregations local to any of the current Besoms with a reference from their church. Opportunities include:

  • Sorting clothing, household items, food and furniture, electrical testing, ironing, mending or washing at Besom warehouses (to find out when this takes place at each Besom, click on Local Besoms and choose your nearest Besom)
  • Spending a day helping to deliver items that have been given and seeing people's lives changed
  • Collecting good quality items given away by local shops and hotels
  • Being a collection point in your local area for small items given to those in need through The Besom.

See the Local Besoms page to give time in geographical regions.

"We went as a group thinking we would give a day to paint someone’s home and hopefully help them… but we had no idea that we would come away having gained far more than we gave. Their walls were transformed and so were we."

A Time Giver

Ways to give

  • Give your time
  • Give your money
  • Give your skills
  • Give your things

Annual Besom Conference

We hold an annual conference for all those thinking about starting their own or who are interested in our work.  watch this space for details of our 2018 event!

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