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The Besom helps people make a difference. It provides a bridge between those who want to give time, money, things or skills and those who are in need. It ensures what is given is used effectively. The service it provides is free. Click here to take a closer look at the Besoms located across the UK.  

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Who we are and what we do

Poverty, isolation, abuse, ill health, injustice, homelessness: we all see the sharp inequalities of life around us and the devastating impacts they have on people’s lives. Many of us want to do something, to get involved but we don't always know how. The Besom exists to help you make a difference to the lives of others and to make it easy for you to do so.

The aim behind all Besoms is that everyone - whether you are three years old or over 80, whether working full-time or part-time, a student, a mum with toddlers, in between jobs or retired - can get involved. By giving your time, money, things or skills you can help those who are in real need and make a long term positive difference to their lives.

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"I would like to say that all your hard work, kindness and caring is very much appreciated – I have worked with homeless people in central London and have found The Besom is second to none when it comes to assisting this client group when they are finally setting up home; in fact it is incomparable, the care, attention and detail of your service is nothing short of amazing."

Care Provider, London

Another time giving group had a great day clearing the garden of a single mum and her two children. They [did a huge amount] all in the space of just a few hours. [The mum told us] she had been married and had enjoyed a privileged life, spending some time in Africa. Her husband had become an alcoholic and started to beat her. She left her home and ended up in a Women's Refuge. "It's very easy to become homeless, but much harder to get back again."

Core team worker, Guildford Besom

Ways to give

  • Give your time
  • Give your money
  • Give your skills
  • Give your things

Annual Besom Conference

29th June 2019 Ashington Parish Church, Church Lane, Ashington,
Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 3JX.
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Simplicity, Love & Justice

Simplicity, Love & Justice
- a ten week discussion course
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